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(n.) a design studio for those who won't settle with making do


We think good design is the bee's knees

Did you know that the bee's knees is last-century slang for business? It also means peachy and perfect -- and that’s what we want your business to be!

Make.Be is all about helping you find the sweet spot between strategy and design, so you can bring in more sales, spread your influence, and grow your mini empire.

We work with creative, product-based businesses that are ready to take their brand up a few notches. That means you — boutiques, online shop owners, and Etsy stores who know that better planning and good looks help create the freedom to run a business and life that you love!

If you're ready to shed your standard image and stand out, let's talk!


Make.Be works primarily with these types of fine businesses



Textiles & Apparel

Fashion & Accessories


Hair & Skincare

Boutiques & Independent Designers



I'm Kari, the dreamer and designer behind Make.Be. 

I believe that doing what you love is the only way to make it. I've built my career around working with entrepreneurs like you, and I know what works online and what gets glossed over. 

I've written copy for high dollar influencer marketing companies, product descriptions, buying guides, and collection copy for brands including eBay, and Staples.

But what I really love is working directly with people who have a passion for what they do and the drive to see it through.

I launched Make.Be as a way to support creative business owners like you by polishing your brand and the marketing materials that will help you sell more.


What does this mean for you?

Whether you're a jewelry maker, fashion designer, or you hand paint home wares, the picture is the same. Having a brand and and marketing material uniquely yours will help you create the business that you've always dreamed of:

  • Working with me means that you’ll be better able to set your own prices and market to your customers rather than relying on marketplaces (Etsy, Amazon) to bring you buyers.

  • That you can sell your collections for what they’re really worth to a ready audience that's looking for unique pieces only you can make.

  • And that you'll get the support that you need to finally design that buyer's pack that you've been meaning to send, so you can get into wholesale.

Designing the business of your dreams is easy; I can help you get there with the right tools and inspiration. 


Whom I've Worked With

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