How to Design with Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year

Good news! Pantone has just announced its 2019 color of the year, and it’s another shade of PINK!

This year’s shade is called Living Coral (aka Pantone 16-1546) (as opposed to the redder shade of non-living coral that you frequently see in jewelry).

Pantone explains their feelings about it here: “[It] embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment.”

From print to web, business to family, and work to play!

I don’t know what this means for you, but for me, it’s wonderful to see such a refreshing, happy color in trend! This color is a more active version of the blush that we’ve seen in fashion for so long. And I think it will catch on a lot more than last year’s violet color (whatever its name was).

Not only does this mean that pink is increasingly accepted a mainstream color, but you can think about adding more color into your brand! I certainly am, with refreshed branding coming up that is more me -- out with the light peach and in with more colors and bright patterns!

Just in case you’re feeling inspired by this upbeat color and wondering how to incorporate it into your designs for 2019, I’ve created a few color palettes with the 2019 Color of the Year so we can see how it’s best applied.

Some of these palettes use the bright pink as an accent color, but many of them feature equally vibrant colors that we might see before the summer even rolls around. Let’s take a look at some possible palettes:

color palettes pantone color of the year 2019-100.jpg

Fashion Blog

Really, any bright shade pared with a lot of neutrals and black/gray could work for a fashion or lifestyle blog. I like this pink paired with an orange, too.

Juicy Melons

Watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe... Play around with variants of these colors for a mouth-watering visual treat.

ripe berries

Couldn’t help but love the deep colors of this rich-hued palette. Adding a dark green would really complete the picture.

Summer Vibes

Picture yourself by the pool with a bright new swimsuit, strawberry lemonade in hand while your little ones splash nearby. Tropical style.

crayon magic

These almost-but-not-quite-primary colors are bright and cheery! I imagine them used on an educational website or in children’s games.

say what

Duotones and gradients are still in style for 2019, and these unusual color combinations would make some interesting graphics.

How To Make Your Own Color Palettes

I can play on forever with Living Coral because it lends itself so well to blending AND standing out. You can use these starter palettes for your own projects, or as a jumping off point to create your own with Living Coral.

I used Coolors to make these combinations. Coolors is a super, free color palette generator that it so great to play around with. All you have to do is press the spacebar and new color combinations magically appear. You can also see different shades and slightly tweak your options to personalize your palettes!

Wrapping It Up

If you want more info about this year's color, Pantone has a helpful reference for using Living Coral color in graphics, textiles, and product design

You cna also shop Amazon to buy the new 2019 color guide.

Happy Making!

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