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Basic is boring.

Grow your business with delightful branding and a strategic website that makes selling easy.


Make.Be is a branding and design studio for those who won’t settle with making do.

We help lifestyle brands and bloggers live life more fully by taking away the stress and overwhelm that block your business growth (a.k.a. branding and website woes).

You started this whole adventure to live a life that you love: to have more freedom, more flexibility, and the chance to do something meaningful. But now you need help getting through those growth pangs.

That’s where we come in! See how you can work with us to move ahead by creating a strategic, meaningful online presence that helps you achieve those wild dreams.


Hi, I’m Kari, the graphic designer and illustrator at Make.Be. I love helping creative business owners grow their brands through good design. Learn what we can design to help you stand out!

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