100+ Hashtags for Illustrators and Designers

100+ Hashtags for Illustrators and Designers


It’s all about sharing and caring, people!

Even though I’m an illustrator, I’m sharing this list of 100+ hashtags that I use to help you get noticed on social media. Yes, that’s right: No more copy-and-pasting your competitor’s hashtag lists to show up in the same feeds.

Instead, this well-researched list shows you 100 of the best Instagram hashtags for your artwork. We’ve researched and group the tags based on relevancy and usage stats so you can create the right mix to get your posts seen!

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Who’s this list for?

  • Illustrators + Artists

  • Graphic and Web Designs

  • Surface Pattern Designers

We all know that social media is a long game, and it’s about getting your posts in front of the right people and making relationships with your audience.

While we can’t put the magic in your convos, we can give you this really helpful list of hashtags to get your name out there.

**Why 100 tags and not 300?**

Because I believe that these are tags that you might genuinely want to use in your posts.

So you can stop guessing which hashtags do well in your niche. And stop copying competitors’ hashtags hoping to get the same results.

This download is to help you create the magic formula for your brand through reach + relevancy.

And if you DO use a scheduling tool (I prefer Tailwind because it posts to Pinterest, too https://rebrand.ly/tailwindk #affiliate), this download will save you time creating your hashtag lists to save in Tailwind.

+++ FAQS +++

Can I use these for multiple accounts?

** PLEASE NOTE: Each list is meant for ONE PERSON’S USE. If you’re a managing other people’s accounts, you would need to purchase a separate list for each account. Please respect my hard work and support other makers :)

*Does this list only work for Instagram?*

While these hashtags have been researched specifically for Instagram, there’ no reason why you can’t use them on other platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter. I just can’t guarantee the accuracy of their reach, as each platform has its own algorithm.

*Can you guarantee results?*

I cannot guarantee numbers for your growth. Results on any platform depend on your social media strategy, content, and posting schedule.

I can only guarantee the accuracy of this keyword list as of early/mid 2019 as hashtag popularity and density changes over time.

But, using the right hashtags is widely known to increase a posts’ reach, so if you use even a few of these even if you’re starting out, it might help grow your following.