Instagram Gift Guide Posts

Instagram Gift Guide Posts


Are you looking for an easy way to advertise your products this holiday season? Creating a gift guide is PROVEN to help you make more sales... and PROMOTING it will help your store do even more.

This download is for *9 Instagram gift guide templates* to help you bring in more sales for any season. You get both the Photoshop version AND the Canva version, so either way you can edit them and get your posts up quickly.

You can easily edit everything -- the colors, fonts, and images -- to use them year-round, or match your brand colors. These gift guide posts will help you advertise your online store, or link back to your blog. They're ideal for makers and crafters, and feature elegant fonts and lots of white space so they remain classy and timeless throughout the year. Smart objects used in Photoshop so you can easily switch images. Only free fonts used.

** Please note -- there are special instructions for editing the Canva template. These are included in your download: Please make sure to make a COPY of the template before you start editing it so that it does not affect the master files, and your designs stay private to you. See template for more instructions :) **

Your instant download includes a .zip file containing:

* 9 Instagram gift guide templates for Photoshop
* Download link to Canva templates
* Basic Instructions
* Download links to free fonts used

* Please note that due to copyright considerations, no images are included with this purchase.

--- FAQS ---

*Which version of Photoshop does this work with?*

These templates are in .osd format and should be compatible with any version of Photoshop.

All images are placed via smart objects, so you need to know how to use them. (It's pretty easy!)

*Do I need a paid version of Canva to use these templates?*

No, you can edit them with a free Canva account. However, you will need a paid version to upload these fonts, or you can choose your own branded fonts that you normally use to keep this cohesive with your other branding.

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