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Beautiful websites that mean business


We know that your business is personal -- it's not only your hobby and your passion to create things -- it's your livelihood. You need a website to help you sell more without getting in the way of what you love to do.

You need a gorgeous site that won't eat up your time. A website that's easy for you (or your team) to edit and won't fall apart or get hacked if you don't look after it daily. A site that fits well on any screen, and helps your business grow into something more.

If you’re a creative entrepreneur or a boutique who needs a site that sells for you, we can help.


 A website isn’t just a pretty storefront — it’s a tool to help you grow your brand beyond


A good website lets you focus on the important stuff... like running your business.

  • Having a website that does its job well means that instead of mulling over your competitors' websites and beautiful Instagram feeds, you'll be confidently listing your site on directories and proudly handing out business cards to whomever you meet.

  • Instead of spending all your time looking for someone to buy, you'll have buyers knocking at your doorstep -- and putting money into your bank.

  • Instead of wondering how you're going to buy more supplies, you can purchase in bulk and make more of the beautiful things you like to sell.

  • Instead of worrying that your store just got hacked and all your customers' data with it, you can keep watching the sales roll in as you sip that latte macchiato because your website is safe and secure.

  • And instead of staying up late with tech support or missing Mommy nap time, you can catch up on sleep and spend more time with your family.


All of our websites are


✔ Built with conversion in mind so they really can do their job

✔ Google-friendly so you get found online

✔ Fully responsive so you look great on every screen

✔ Like-able, shareable, and ready for social butterflies

✔ Secure so you don't have to worry about hacking

✔ Easy to update and maintain: less hassle = more free time!


“Working with Kari was a real delight. Her ability to communicate with me (a non-designer) and translate my words into design was immaculate! I was always looking forward to the changes that she made on my website as she always came up with exciting new ideas to increase my CTR (it's only been day 5 since the new site and engagement is already up).”



Here’s how we do it




To begin, you fill out a questionnaire that tells me all about your brand, your goals, and what we need your site to do.

Next, we meet over the phone to make a clear plan of action and map out your website.

Everything comes together as I begin working on your new site. I will show you a mood board and homepage mockup to make sure we’re on the right track.

site build



Now I build out the rest of the website to match your look and incorporate all of our ideas.

We have another, recorded call to go over your final website and train you how to use it on your own.

It’s time to go live! We hook up your site and you’re officially ready to launch and grow!


“As an almost complete novice in website design and building I found Kari a joy to work with and thoroughly enjoyed the whole process from beginning to successful delivery. Kari was particularly helpful with providing guidance, tuition material and the encouragement that helped me produce the content that only I could create for my website. Her friendly communication style meant that our regular project catch ups were both positive and responsive and I found working with her a very rewarding experience.”



Are you ready to grow your mini empire?

Let’s talk about how a beautiful, strategic website can change your business.